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Published in Le Télégramme on 22 January 2021

Café entreprendre : the steps to success

An additional help for business creators, totally free of charge, is being set up in Auray in the premises of Action Connect. Initiated by Lionel Picarda, Stéphanie Challain and Sylvie Robert, it aims to provide entrepreneurs with the processes and leads to move forward in their projects…

They want to guide future entrepreneurs

Sylvie Robert, Lionel Picarda and Stéphanie Challain together have several decades of experience in the world of entrepreneurship. Respectively creator of a training centre and a coworking space (Action Connect, in Auray), professional finance broker and insurer and insurance broker for professionals, they have decided to join forces to offer their help to future entrepreneurs in the Auray region…

Published in Ouest France on 22 January 2021
Published in Le Télégramme on 21 January 2021

Digital training, a need for companies in times of crisis

The health crisis has highlighted the importance of good digital communication for companies. To meet this need, Grizzlead and Adiflo have teamed up to offer a training course on digital communication…

Digiburo sets up a base alréenne

A company born in 2019 near Rennes, Digiburo has opened offices in Auray, at the Action Connect coworking space. A base from which the young start-up will develop its activity in the Auray area and more widely in Morbihan…

Published in Ouest France on 29 December 2020
Published in Ouest France on 21 December 2020

Art takes over coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are opening up to art, like Action Connect, rue du Père-Eternel in Auray (Morbihan). Until the end of January 2021, Jacky Abélard, a photographer and illustrator, will be exhibiting his work there…

Jacky A., photographer of an imaginary reality, exhibits in Auray

Between photography, engraving, painting and illustration, each unique work of photographer and visual artist Jacky A. is a synthesis of computer technology and artistic mastery. Inspired by the maritime world from which they draw their material, the pictures reveal a subtle chromatic chemistry.

“I let the material speak for itself and the observer imagines the story it tells” says the artist. The photo-paintings are on sale at Action Connect’s offices at 6 rue du Père Eternel… 

Published in Le télégramme on 16 December 2020
Published in Le Télégramme on 16 December 2020

An information technology services company sets up in Auray

Newly installed in the premises of Action Connect, Digiburo offers SMEs and VSEs (small, medium and very small companies) digital support and global IT solutions, whether in hard, soft or outsourcing. Created by Frédérick van Gorkum, this service company based in Cesson (35) is opening its Alréenne branch with the recruitment of specialised consultants to look after Morbihan and South Finistère…

Opening of a formation space

The “Action Connect” centre is aimed at companies wishing to provide their employees with additional skills. An extensive catalogue (office automation, management, human resources, etc.) is available to them in a space equipped with high-performance tools: digital paper board, giant multimedia screens or videoconferencing via high-speed fibre optics, etc.

Published in Le Télégramme on 6 October 2020
Published in Ouest France on 27 July 2020

Semi-vacants in coworking spaces

In the summer, new people come to the coworking spaces in the city. Among other things, this is an opportunity to be closer to the family’s holiday destination, or to plan one’s days as one pleases…

Coworking spaces to reopen in Auray

Action Connect, a coworking and office rental space that has been open since September in Rue du Père-Eternel, will be open to the public again from Monday 11 May…

Published in Ouest France on 8 May 2020
Published in Ouest France on 19 February 2020

Renting business premises, it works

Sylvie Robert created Action Connect, a business space rental, in 2019, located 6 rue du Père-Eternel in Auray. She offers professionals a teleworking and coworking space, offices, meeting rooms and a range of à la carte services…

Coworking in the city centre

With a solid experience as an executive in the Breton food industry, Sylvie Robert, originally from Baldiville and an Alréenne by heart for nine years, opened Action Connect in mid-September. This is a coworking space, the particularity of which is that it is located in the centre of Auray. A choice that she wishes to promote and develop…

sylvie robert action connect coworking morbihan
Published in Le Télégramme on 27 September 2019
Published in Ouest France on 1 October 2019

Shared workspaces are spreading across the city

Around 250 m² of premises, a large space dedicated to coworking (twenty-five workstations), as well as seven offices and three meeting rooms for rent: Action Connect opened in mid-September in the city centre, rue du Père-Eternel. The company is located in the former Crédit Maritime building, a bank that moved to the Porte-Océane business park in 2017…

Soon a coworking space in the commune

This is a first in the town of Auray. A coworking space will open its doors from 13 May 2019, rue du Père-Eternel, in the town centre. The concept? To offer both offices for rent for periods ranging from one hour to one month. In practice, the Auray coworking space will be composed of several meeting rooms, closed offices and an open space (open offices)…

Published in Ouest France on 21 April 2019